How It Works

Step 1: Your office contacts ours, we discuss all of your needs.
Step 2: We start the process of finding you the candidate you are in need of.
Step 3: We email you all resumes, curiculum vitaes, reference letters, and a break down of why we feel these particular candidates would be a good fit for your office.
Step 4: We set up either a temping day or a working interview at your office.
Step 5: most offices call us mid day asking for our candidates to come back and work a few more days, we then contact our candidate and verify their availablility.
Step 6: The office either wishes to bring them on board or have a second candidate come in.
Step 7: If the office does not wish for another candidater, and contacts us pertaining to permanent hire, we then contact our candidate and speak to them pertaining to the offer. If both the office and candidate are happy with eachother and the candidate is then offered the position then hired by the office.

** MDS LLC. understands the importancy of running an office, which is why we keep everything as simple as possible!

Importaint notes:
1-MDS LLC.  pays all candidates for temping and working interviews.
2- Once an MDS LLC candidate is hired they are 100% employeed through the office that hired them. We do not have hidden fees or future charges pertaining to that candidate.
3- We do not guarantee any employee.
4- All fees and charges are invoiced.


Our Solutions

  1. 1
    Proper staffing
    We staff you with the proper temporary or permanent placement employee to match your office needs.
  2. 2
    Our promise
    We promise to do our very best to meet your needs with your office as we aim for your satisfaction.
  3. 3
    We are always updating our employees dental education with CE courses and in office instructional.
  4. 4
    Permanent placement
    Our permanent placement only consists of a small cost if our employee is satisfactory to your practice. Along with that we will discount the buyout if our employee is 100% the perfect fit for your office and you submit a company letter expressing and complimenting our candidate and our business.